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PASS Security was founded in 2018 and is a leader in providing highly trained and certified security enforcement agents for private security needs. Since its founding, PASS  has expanded to provide both armed and unarmed security enforcement agents nationwide.

PASS cover a wide variety of effective security applications including static observations, roving vehicle and foot patrols for short and long term coverage for corporate entities to include workplace violence threats, loss prevention, corporate retreats, charity events, trade shows, executive and celebrity protection, private parties, weddings just to name a few.

The company was founded by Adam Jones. The founder is actively involved in the day to day business operations.


Adam is a law enforcement officer and U.S. Army veteran. He possess several instructor certifications to include but not limited to firearms, non-lethal, and  ALERRT just to name a few. He has also completed a plethora of law enforcement and tactical courses to help aid in the advancement of his company as well as his career.  


As the original founder, he has developed and implemented policies and procedures unique to security operations, encompassing a wide variety of security solutions for special events including church safety, company retreats, and conferences, to workplace violence mitigation, terminations, and executive protection.


Supporting Adam is a team of seasoned veterans in the law enforcement and security industry. They are proven professionals with managerial and supervisory skills needed to lead this and the next generation of PASS. This team has access to many training tools and courses to help them effectively address and mitigate any and all security threats.

From active patrolling to on-site armed and unarmed security, corporate and private investigation services, and workplace violence prevention, PASS utilizes the expertise of certified security enforcement agents, off-duty and former law enforcement officers, and military veterans to accomplish its mission.

With the current increase of violent attacks in the US by unpredictable domestic terrorist, society is requiring a better prepared, smarter, tactful, and more refined security organization to stay ahead.

Over the past 5 years PASS has grown its clientele and extended its operational coverage by living its company motto every day….AS WE WATCH WE PREPARE!!!


PASS is here to find out how we can serve your business.

PASS provides armed and unarmed security enforcement agents, former law enforcement and security personnel for both short- and long-term assignments. Click here for a quote.

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